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With close to 40 years of combined hospitality management experience in the Sunshine State, Stealth Management Group breathes new life into faltering properties. With a specialization in property renovation, we know how to take things to the next level, a level that guests desire and want to be a part of. Our innovative programs and combination of recreating spaces to attract more profit are the result of years of impeccable service in the hotel industry.

You can confidently count on Stealth Management Group to enact a successful renovation program to convert your hotel into the kind of property that other hotels envy.

37 Years of Impeccable Experience in Hospitality

Stealth Management Group specializes in creating opportunities through acquisitions, renovations, and repositioning. With our uniquely innovative techniques and hands-on approach, we’re there every step of the way to make fading brands reemerge with panache and style.

We’ve been doing this a long time and we know what works. Because of this, we have created countless success stories, revamping the old and giving it a fresh new face that attracts profits and changes guest perception. Experience is everything and Stealth Management Group takes its experience and leverages it to give your hotel guests the kind of experience they dream of for their Floridian vacation.


About Us

Stealth Management Group was created by Anshu K. Jain and James I. Chakir, CHA. Their combined experience in hotel management brings 37 years of industry expertise together for a winning team with proven results. With a shared passion for renovating and boosting profitability, they integrate innovative sales programs with their unique hands-on approach to create an experience unlike any other. Anshu K. Jain is the managing director and equity investor with Caravan Hotel Properties, LLC., a resort hotel with 262 rooms and suites located in Orlando, Florida near Universal Studios as well as a managing member for Stealth Management Group. James I. Chakir brings 17 years of experience as general manager for a variety of resort properties in Central Florida.

With detail-oriented backgrounds in hospitality, Mr. Jain and Mr. Chakir bring a strong foundation to Stealth Management Group. Built on years of merged hotel management and operating experience along with the ability to execute brilliant financial advising that generates results, Stealth Management Group is the premier choice for Central Florida.

When you choose Stealth Management Group to renovate distressed properties, it’s a solid investment that put you back in the zone of profitability, redesigning it with such aplomb that it will be a place guests will come back to again and again.


About Anshu K. Jain

In addition to running the show at Stealth Management group, Mr. Jain is the managing director and equity investor with Caravan Hotel Properties, LLC., a resort hotel with 262 rooms and suites located in Orlando, Florida near Universal Studios. Thanks to his hard work and devotion, he successfully increased profits by 30% in the past three years, plus increased ADR by 22% consistently for the last 15 years.

Mr. Jain’s impressive track record proves his unwavering commitment to success, one where the plans he creates based on his knowledge and experience are extremely fruitful. With experience in property management, maintenance, renovation, refurbishment, financial and appraisal consulting, and marketing services, he is skilled in finding the perfect balance for faltering properties. His ability to lower costs while creating increased revenue year after year make him an absolute asset to Stealth Management Group.

About James I. Chakir, CHA
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Chakir brings with him a strong background in successful hotel management. With familiarity in policy implementation; developing and managing budgets and financial portfolios; selecting, managing, and training staff for impeccable service; and leading teams to success through outstanding leadership, he has the know-how to take on even the most challenging property situations.

After having multiple refurbishment, transitions of brands, and conversions of hotel ownership, Mr. Chakir was found to be a perfect fit for Stealth Management Group, a key player to ensure property profitability and high consumer ratings. Along with certifications by the Educational Institute of the American Hotel & Motel Association in all facets of Hospitality Operations, The American Hotel and Lodging Association, and by Hilton, Choice Hotels International and Wyndham, his wealth of knowledge and expertise shine through in his abilities to take a challenge and deliver impressive results.

Our Plan of Action

Some see renovations and rebranding as intimidating, but we welcome the challenge. The strategies we employ at Stealth Management Group have worked time after time for all our acquisitions, allowing us to help build a better brand, one that has an identity that resonates with guests whether they’re in town for vacation, business, or conventions.

We specialize in acquiring troubled properties of various sizes from 150 rooms to 500 rooms, renovating them, and turning them into efficient hotels that guests love. It’s more than adding some new paint and changing the carpets. It’s about adding those extras that guests love from premium bedding to new technology that makes their lives on the road more convenient.

Restaurants that even locals want to come to, resort-style amenities, and all those thoughtful little touches are what we put into our strategy for turning a hotel property around and making it another one of our success stories.

Hospitality for the Future

Stealth Management Group breaks away from the tired notions of other hotel management companies by focusing on future results. This forward-thinking approach has helped to reshape the perception of faltering hotel and restaurant brands, elevating them in the eyes of consumers.

We don’t just think about the short-term. We focus on the long-term too by creating detailed plans within a timeline to renovate and restore to fit with modern times and allow ease of adaption for new technologies in the future. Stealth Management Group is committed to the best practices for today while keeping a keen eye trained on what’s to come tomorrow to keep you one step ahead of your competition at all times.


Expert Results for Profitability

At Stealth Management Group, we don’t fear change. We embrace it, finding joy in turning around properties that have been completely neglected or need a facelift. We thrive on rescuing dying properties and giving them a brand new life, one that suits the travelers of today as well as those of tomorrow. Our combined experience of nearly 40 years in operational management and our passion for creating success stories out of the virtually impossible is why we do what we do.

Get the results you want by teaming with Stealth Management Group to restore your brand and your profitability today.

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